About Us

Faculty, staff, and students who call the CCL home (Summer 2021).


  • Suresh Menon, Hightower Professor in Engineering

Research Engineers I (Summer 2022)

Research Engineers II (Summer 2022)

  • Dr. Achyut Panchal

Senior Research Engineers (Summer 2022)

  • Bibik Oleksandr

Post Doctoral Fellows (Summer 2022)

Graduate Students (Summer 2022)

  • Luis Hatashita
  • Shubham Karpe
  • Felix Luo

Undergraduate Research Assistants (Summer 2022)

Undergraduate Research Students (Spring 2022)

  • Nolan Amblard
  • Sayonee Das
  • Jacob Evans
  • Tarun Golla
  • Maxwell Hall
  • Phillipe Realina
  • Andrew Sohn
  • Andrew Toomey

Technical and Software Support

  • Dr. Achyut Panchal

Click ALUMNI for a list of former Ph.D. and M.S. (Thesis) students.