About Us

Faculty, staff, and students who call the CCL home (Fall 2020).


  • Suresh Menon, Hightower Professor in Engineering
  • Henry Balance
  • Research Engineers I

      Research Engineers II

      Senior Research Engineers

      Post Doctoral Fellows:

      • Dr. Orlando Ugarte-Almeyda
      • Dr. Sangyup Lee

      Graduate Students (Current)

      • Shubham Karpe
      • Sangjae Kim
      • Vijay Narayanan
      • Achyut Panchal
      • Marc Salvadori
      • Haotian Sun

      Undergraduate Research Assistants (Current)

      • Preethi Mysore <\li>
      • Pavan Patel <\li>
      • James Rosado

      Technical and Software Support

      • Shubham Karpe
      • Achyut Panchal

      Click Alumni for a list of former Ph.D. and M.S. (Thesis) students.