1. HighFuel_LES_QL - Andy Smith
  2. Spanwise-averaged flame images at the high fuel flow rate.

  3. LowFuel_LES_QL - Andy Smith
  4. Spanwise-averaged flame images at the low fuel flow rate.

  5. Cyldet_pressure_5lev - Balaji Muralidharan
  6. Cyldet_schlieren_5lev - Balaji Muralidharan
  7. This test case is representative of the more generic class of problems involving detonation initiation due to hypersonic projectile behaviour and considers a mechanical stimulus by the impulsive motion of a rigid cylinder which leads to the formation of a detonation wave. Computations are performed on a two-dimensional channel with domain boundaries −0.5

    The animation of the pressure contours shows that a high pressure/temperature zone starts developing ahead of the cylinder. When the reaction zone which grows as a result of the temperature rise couples with the shock front, a detonation is formed. The detonation cells of the cylinderical diverging front is clearly noticeable from the Schlieren animation.

  8. SF6JetSphere
Case8 KER LEM IsoTempDrop
Case8 KER LEM UnsPres
DDT GasPhase
flamecomp stab unstab
RM1 SingleMode
RM2d Dens Multimode
RM3d Density1
swirl modulation
RM2d Gradrho Multimode
RM2d Dens SingleMode